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Simplifying Our Training

Dr. Jon Cowan - Thursday, January 05, 2012

When I first introduced the Peak Achievement Trainer back in 1998, one of the important parts was a video that explained the Training and how to perform the first session.  It was an extremely helpful video, and a pioneering idea.  I remember receiving a spontaneous compliment from Dr. Joel Lubar, the original researcher of neurofeedback training for ADHD.  I always intended to add to the video library, but due to staffing changes I lost access to our excellent producer.  Then we changed equipment and kept developing new protocols, so the original video became largely irrelevant.

Lately, I've decided to go back to the idea of producing a series of video guides for our Peak BrainHappiness Training system, using the Camtasia program to combine video showing the activities of a user and screen capture.   I think it will be really helpful for a new market we are now pursuing, wellness and senior centers.  I believe all future products for mass markets will need to combine neurofeedback and video training. 

Undertaking video production has definitely been a learning process, far more complex than I consciously anticipated.  I think my unconscious knew the complexity all too well and has been successfully avoiding the process for years.  Perhaps the most difficult part of this for my associate, JD, and I, is putting ourselves back in the heads of a naive user, and figuring out what they need to know, then writing it in the best order.  We really want to get it right the first time, because its such a hassle to do it again.  What's the best order for sessions and training?

So I'm really open to any suggestions and help from anyone with some time and ideas.  If you're interested, I can share our scripts for review. 

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