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Large improvements in ADHD in only 12 sessions

Dr. Jon Cowan - Friday, February 03, 2012

Recent results using the Peak Achievement Trainer to improve a group of 11 ADHD teenagers have reported outstanding results for just 12 sessions of neurofeedback.  Tato Sokhadze's data has been published in the AAPB's Biofeedback magazine.   This data was also presented at an AAPB meeting and locally here, where it won First Prize in a research contest.  So here's a summary of the high points. 

There were quite significant improvements in both our Focus and Alertness measurements over the 12 sessions:
Dr.  Sokhadze also published the minute-to-minute changes for the 25 minutes of the first and 12th sessions.  More recently, further analysis is showing major shifts in alpha to theta and beta to theta ratios, even though these were not being directly trained.  I'll share those later. 
These EEG changes were accompanied by large and significant improvements in IVA+ scores--25% in Visual, 41% in auditory.
There were also improvements in the Aberrant Behavior Checklist:
*  Lethargy/Social Withdrawal score decreased from
             10.1(7.4) to 7.0 (6.9), t=2.48, df=10, p=0.021
*   Hyperactivity score decreased from
            14.3 (14.6) to 12.0 (11.1),  t=2.21, p=0.041;
*    Inappropriate Speech score decreased from
            2.25 (2.4) to  1.3 (1.8) , t=2.96, df=10, p=0.009.
Dr. Sokhadze concluded: 

"In my experience, this is a really fast result, because usually more training sessions (>18) are recommended for successful management of attention symptoms in ADHD. This particular type of brainwave neurofeedback can be used both in ADHD and healthy subjects to improve behavioral performance, focused concentration, and alertness."

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